Mia Bella Candles MD

Consultants Name: Jennie Horn
Telephone number: 410-382-0281
Blog Page:

Description: “Going Green” has become a prominent phrase for many companies, and a conscious choice for many families. Scent-Sations is leading the way! Take our exploding “Going Green” natural product lines, wrap them up into one dynamic business and you have a company helping people enjoy life’s pleasures in a whole new healthier way!

Commissions: We make 30-50% commission on our sales
Kit Options: $49.95-$499.95
Earn your Kit Option: NO
Monthly/Quarterly Requirements: NONE
Catalog Cost: pack of colored brochures are 13.95 for 25 they are often offered two for price on one.
Advertising/Sales Restrictions: No ebay or other online auction sites
Website Cost: NONE with the monthly autoship/14.95 as a wholesale customer
Online Shopping: YES
Hosting Options:   NO

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