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Consultants Name: Kevin Doheny
Email address:

Telephone number:  214.794.3160


Description:   Do you have a passion for dogs and want to earn an income doing what you love?  pawTree is the first of its kind to combine the $55 Billion Pet Industry (U.S) and the $30 Billion Social Selling Industry (U.S.).  With a well-know Founder, Four Veterinarian Advisors and an expert home office team, this ground floor opportunity is taking off fast.  Come join my team!!
Commissions:Share – When you share our products with others, you earn between 10% – 20% on everything you sell. You can also get your product for free and earn ongoing bonuses of $25 to $100 for simply gathering loyal Customers and sponsoring petPros with product packs!Build – As you introduce others to pawTree, you may find that some will want to join your team. You can earn 1% – 7% on the sales of the people below you in addition to other bonuses as your business grows

Lead – As you become a leader by helping others to do what you have done, you will be paid 1% – 4% on the sales of the teams that develop below you infinitely deep!


Kit Options:
Catalog Cost: free online –
Website Cost: $14.95/mo – free with some petPro pack options
Online Shopping: Replicated website for each petPro –
Hosting Options:


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