Plexus MD

Consultants Name:

Kelly Cavanaugh

Phone Number: 337.401.7000
Description: For the cost of only $34.95, you can have your own business with Plexus Worldwide. There’s no inventory to stock, and there are no products to ship! Plexus Worldwide does all of that for us! They are very good to their Ambassadors, offering vacations, conventions and even a Plexus Lexus! Just tell others about the products that work and share your website! Have your customers go to your website and Plexus Worldwide will ship the products that your customers order! You don’t have to even leave your house if you don’t want! Build a successful business online from your computer!Commissions: 15%-25% + bonuses and weekly & monthly checks!

Kit Options: Two great product packages of $99 and $199

Earn your Kit Option:
Monthly/Quarterly Requirements: order of $100 monthly, if customers make up this purchase, the consultant does not have to meet this monthly requirement.
Catalog Cost: about 16 cents.
Advertising/Sales Restrictions: Avoid Advertising Pricing while Online.
Website Cost: $34.95 yearly
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