Consultants Name: Cathy St.John
Email address:
Telephone number: 608 606 0264
Facebook Page:

Description: Plexus is a health and wellness company dedicated to getting people healthy from the inside out. It is the most natural way to get healthy and lose weight. I have been involved with Plexus for over a year and have lost 70 pounds!! I am no longer pre-diabetic or have high blood pressure. Our products are natural. One pink,kool-aid flavored drink a day and that’s it. Plexus is not a meal replacement or starve yourself kind of product. Plexus balances the blood sugar levels so you have less carb and sugar cravings. You also feel fuller faster when you eat. We are all about getting healthy, naturally! 60 day money back guarantee!! Contact me today!!

Commissions: We earn money 11 different ways!!
Kit Options: Special one time discount offered on a welcome pack to new ambassadors, but not required. Joining fee of $34.95 is all that is needed.
Earn your Kit Option: Plexus does not require a kit purchase. New ambassadors are offered a one time opportunity to buy a welcome kit at a really huge discount, but it is not required.
Monthly/Quarterly Requirements: 100 pv to earn commission. 100 pv is about $100 a month, but not required to stay active.
Catalog Cost: 0
Advertising/Sales Restrictions: No selling on Ebay, Amazon, etc. No cross promoting with another mlm.
Website Cost: $34.95
Online Shopping:
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