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Consultants Name: Tammy Tamayo
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Telephone number: 480-414-7466
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South Hill Designs.  Wear What You Love!!!  Fun, Beauty and Self-Expression… How’s That for a Business?
People are flocking to join the South Hill Designs’ home-based business. Now in USA including Puerto Rico, Canada and
UK (England, Scotland, Whales and Northern Ireland)

Here’s why. South Hill’s products practically sell themselves. At our Socials, customers create their own jewelry from the
hundreds of beautiful pieces we offer. No one has to tell them what to buy! They are guided by their own self-expression.

As an Artist with South Hill, you earn commissions- up to 40% – on every piece sold. And your income Grows when others join you in your business.

Our Reason For Being

South Hill Designs was created to bring happiness and prosperity to as many women as possible.
It’s Fun
We believe you should have fun while you’re building your business, every step of the way—and there’s no greater fun than friends creating beautiful things together.

It’s Lucrative
Our compensation plan pays you up to 40% commissions whenever a customer buys
jewelry because of your efforts.

It’s Unlimited
Because you can enroll other Artists, you’re not limited to what you can achieve on your own—you benefit financially from the efforts of others in your team.

It’s Satisfying
The biggest reward of being an Artist may be the happiness you bring to your customers, and the prosperity you bring to the other Artists on your team.

Commissions: 20-40%
Kit Options: Quick Start $59.00 & Small Social $199.00
Monthly/Quarterly Requirements: 9.95 for replicated website (so people can order online) 400.00 Bonus Volume to earn commission on downline
Catalog Cost: 10 pack 5.00
Website Cost: 9.95
Online Shopping:
Hosting Options:  online, catalog, in home, facebook and events.   $200-$299 10% hostess rewards and 1 ½ price item, $300-$499 15% hostess rewards and 2 ½ price items, $500-$999 20% hostess rewards and 3 ½ price items, $1000 plus 25% hostess rewards and 4 ½ priced items

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